Our Story...

We created this website to make it more convenient to live a plastic free life. Even if you want to do good it seems impossible at times to make it through the day with out getting handed numerous plastic items. Try it. Whether its needed or not, almost everything comes wrapped in plastic these days. When we tried it, we couldn't get away from it; it was everywhere.

We decided to start setting ourselves up for success by carrying our own, reusable bags, water bottles, cutlery, to-go containers, and metal straws, so we could go just one day with out adding to the plastic wasteland that is destroying our planet. This challenge lead us to find the lack of products in today's society that are plastic-free.  We realized that part of the problem is that there simply is no alternative at times. Everywhere you go, everything is made from plastic.  Until now, there hasn't been much of an option.  EverythingButPlastic.com can help you get closer to living a plastic free life. We must change our behavior if we want to change our planet's future. We can and will do this together. 

That's why we created EverythingButPlastic.com.  Please help us, join the movement, make the changes in your life, and spread the word.

We look forward to working with you to help make positive change in the world,

Shaleece Martin & Will Royall
Founding Partners