If You Care Certified Compostable Food Waste Bags - 3 Gallon, 30 Count

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If You Care Food Waste Bags are made from 100% GMO-free potato starch. Potato starch creates a stronger bag than corn starch. These bags are all-natural. Additionally they are polyethylene- and plasticizer-free and use 40% less land than what is required to produce the same amount of starch from corn. Unlike corn starch based products, these potatoes require no watering, and need the amount of water received from normal rainfall. These sturdy bags can hold up to 3 gallons worth of compostable food and waste, and work great for under the kitchen sink. Just line your compost pails with the bags to collect food scraps, and food waste. Package includes 30 bags.
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    Product Description

    If You Care Certified Compostable Food Waste Bags are made from potato starch (not corn starch). They are made from non-GMO potatoes blended with a certified, fully compostable polymer. No plastics are added to the bags..

    What Makes These Bags Made from Potato Starch So Strong?

    The starch used to make these bags is made from a mixture of a linear (amylose) and a branched (amylopectin) polymer of glucose. Potato starch has a higher percentage of amylopectin than either corn or wheat starch. Amylopectin gives starch its structural integrity, so it helps make If You Care Certified Compostable Bags stronger than competing bags made from corn starch.

    Why Else Choose Potato Starch?

    The potato starch used to make If You Care Certified Compostable Bags comes from potatoes which are not grown as a food source. Since they're grown only for the production of starch, these potatoes are too high in starch to be good eating. That means the materials used to make this product doesn't deplete food supplies. 40% Less land is also needed than when growing corn for starch. These potatoes require no additional watering, and need only normal rainfall. Growing corn requires much more water.

    Why Use If You Care Certified Compostable Bags Instead of Normal Trash Bags?

    According to the U.S. EPA, Approximately 80,000,000 tons of waste which goes into landfills annually is material which under the right conditions, can be turned into compost. This includes food scraps, yard trimmings and non-recyclable paper. In these landfill environments, this organic material releases methane gas, a greenhouse gas, contributing to global warming. Diverting food scraps and yard trimmings from landfills to compost facilities contributes significantly to preserving our planet, and it's natural resources. If You Care Certified Compostable Bags are made from 100% GMO free potato starch and a fully compostable polymer. These bags are completely polyethylene free and plasticizer (plastic) free.

    • Potato starch from non-GMO "starch potatoes" - Grown for starch, not for food
    • Blended with certified fully compostable polymer
    • No plasticizers. Plasticizers migrate, which deteriorates mechanical properties of bags. We don't use them.
    • Package from 100% recycled board processed chlorine-free (PCF)
    • No polyethylene. 100% certified compostable
    • Potato starch from potatoes grown for starch only - no diversion from food supply
    • Potato starch uses less water than starch from corn. No irrigation necessary, only natural rainfall.
    • 40% less land is used to produce same quantity of starch from potatoes as from corn
    • Use for compostable waste
    • Bags are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
    • Bags along with waste can be composted in municipal or commercial compost facilities
    • Cardboard box should be recycled

    Unbleached Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) Paper Packaging

    Wood pulp, in its natural state is brown or beige. Papers that are made from such pulp, for example brown paper bags and most cardboard, are also brown. For many years, most paper was bleached to make it white using elemental chlorine (Cl), usually in the form of chlorine gas.  It's no secret these chlorine gasses have horrible environmental consequences.

    Today, this process is no longer used in most of Europe. Much of the North American pulp and paper industry no longer uses elemental chlorine (Cl), but there remain a number of paper mills in North America which continue to do so despite the documented environmental damage that this process engenders. Today, the most common form of bleaching paper is no longer with the use of elemental chlorine (Cl), but instead with the use of chlorine derivatives, principally chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Paper bleached with chlorine dioxide is often referred to as "elementally chlorine-free" (ECF). Though bleaching with chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is far preferable to bleaching with elemental chlorine, it is still environmentally harmful, because chlorine derivatives still produce toxic chlorinated organic compounds, such as chloroform, a known carcinogen.

    Totally chlorine-free (TCF) paper is paper which is either unbleached, or bleached using no chlorine or chlorine derivatives.  It's chlorine free and better for our environment! Bleached papers which are totally chlorine-free (TCF) have been bleached with oxygen, ozone and/or hydrogen peroxide. These bleaching methods have none of the environmental impacts of chlorine chemistry.

    Additional Information

    SKU IYC-010
    UPC 770009250644
    Dimensions 2.4 x 5 x 2.4 inches ; 9.6 ounces
    Amount in Package 30 Count
    Color No
    Manufacturer If You Care
    A Good Choice Because 100% recycled board processed chlorine-free (PCF), non-GMO "Starch Potatoes", Less Land Use, Less Water Use, 100% Certified Compostable, No Plasticizers, Doesn't deplete world food supplies.
    Compostable Yes, Industrial Facility Composting
    Packaging Compostable Yes, Home Compostable
    Product Made From Non-GMO Potato starch (stronger than corn and wheat starch) which uses less land and water to grow.
    Packaging Material Chlorine Free and Non-Bleached Wood Pulp Based Paper Cardboard.
    Recyclable Yes
    Recyclable Packaging Yes
    Organic Yes
    Vegan Yes

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